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A Fabulous Farewell Tribute to the Artist

Alec J. Godden

Jarvis Lions Community Centre

18 James Street and Park Street (519) 428 -1655 Mrs. Cathie Godden

This Monday March 13th Alastair John Godden would be celebrating his 85th Birthday.

Alec and Popeye are the same age 85 years old. 

Mick Somers obituary



A Great Artist_Alec John Godden





Happy 84th Birthday 2016.

"My warmest regards to my sister "Miriam"  love Alastair"

At the age of 83

The Retirement News

The Sea Sculpture of Port Dover

Conversation with the artist Alec Godden

The News Page

Dear friend Rick thanks Alex

Alec's daughter Faith's photo gallery

Alec's Greeting to his sister in England  

Alec hard at work in his shop summer of 2013


Charcoal drawing of Alec by his older brother Michael Godden






Bruce Jones greeting to Alec his friend 

  This Canadian Goose was created by Alec Godden for his long time friend Tom Haskett of Vittoria.



Vittoria & District Foundation purposes, goals & objectives;

Vittoria's Bicentennial that took place in 1996.

   - to assist with the provision of public amenities to benefit the community, including community halls and parks, picnic areas and playgrounds.
   - to foster in the area, a sense of community pride and civic satisfaction by enhancing the quality of life and by supporting and promoting activities undertaken by other service organizations.
   - to promote the advancement of education by providing annually a bursary for academic and extracurricular
   - to assist with the continuation and expansion of a heritage program of research, compilation, cataloguing and archiving of local history resources, which will be available to area schools and the public. Such a program was instituted in 1994 by a large group of volunteers, in preparation for 
   - to provide assistance, support and encouragement to facilities and activities which benefit the community, such as arts projects, cultural activities, heritage programs, senior programs, youth programs, and environmental and social programs.

Alec Godden has for many years donated to Vittoria as well as many other District area foundations, Norfolk Hospital and Religious charities.

Previous years and photos of notable art pieces donated by AJ Godden

Vittoria_21.pdf &nbs p; Vittoria_23.pdf &nbs p; Vittoria_25.pdf &nbs p; Vittoria_26.pdf &nbs p; Vittoria_27.pdf


Janet Hepburn Article

 A Loyal British Artist and Subject.

Trotta Markson Toronto Architectural Firm

Alec and Nicholas worked closely with this famous Toronto architectural firm and our close friend Morris Trotta on many projects to date. We have posted four pictures from two previous projects completed for Trotta Markson. We are sorry that the direct link to Morris and past project pictures are no longer available for some technical reasons so we have reproduced a copy of the pictures below.

The 1st and 2nd picture is a 4 level stair case from the basement to the 3rd floor of a Boswell St. home in Toronto. The 3rd and 4th pictures are of a interior railing and an art sculpture separating the homes on Balmoral St also in Toronto. 

 Daniel et Daniel html

 Toronto's most famous French Patisserie & Event Catering company in the heart of Cabbage Town.

Business friends of Alec & Nicholas since the 1980's


This is a collage of photos of a wine cellar lockup is in a Burlington home owned by his niece Angie was made of solid stainless 5/8" square bar and flat bar, this decorative creation has old country workmanship, an antique lock and handle and hinging hardware, all fabricated and installed by her loving uncle Alec. 



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