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Affectionately Ted, was A.J.s Father, an Engineer and

 British Captain, Edward Michael Henry Godden R.E. M.B.E.


Wiki* (  Edward Godden a Member of the Order of the British Empire  )*Pedia

Wiki* (  Edward Godden a British Royal Engineer   )*Pedia


Alastair John Godden

 A.J. Godden was born on Friday March 13th in the bustling metropolis of London England in the U.K. 

Alec was one of five children Patrick, Micheal, Ann, Alastair, and Muriam all born to Ida Bridget (Gosford) Godden.

Ida was a descendent of Ireland and her husband Ted was a British Captain, Edward Michael Henry Godden R.E. M.B.E.

Ted was also a well known London business man after the war, but the second world war influenced and molded Alec.

War changes your mind towards business in times of evacuations and rationing you've got to get up early to make a buck.

In fact Alex considered farming first and becoming a milkman, before choosing the decorative metal arts as a trade.

According to Alec he attended one of London's more prestigious art colleges until he was obliged to leave.

Alec says "this Institute of higher learning was effectionately known as the Scrubs, and on his release for good behavior"

Alec completed his apprenticeship. ( He was joking about the Scrubs) (The Wormwood Scrubs was a Juvenile Reform)

His apprenticeship in the artistic trade of old world metal smithing included silver, pewter, brass, copper and iron.

In the 1950's Alec enlisted in the British Army the Suez Canal Crisis erupted and he was posted in Egypt for several years.

The British patrolled and secured the passage of ships through the Suez canal, from there Alec joined the merchant Navy.

Sailing around the world Alec traveled to the US, Australia, Hong Kong, India, the Fiji islands, South America and

Africa as well as Canada. In 1960 this country became their home for himself and his first wife, the late Thelma Godden.

Fast forward to the present date March 13th 2015 and we are proud to introduce to you.

(This pretentious, bombastic, introduction is always made in good humour and in high spirits.)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, ... it humbles me to introduce to you ... "



This introduction is very typical for anyone that frequents the Artist's studio shop in Norfolk Twp as we try to include everyone in the humour..

"Alex, so we’ve been told is the only man alive to go down into the black hole

of Calcutta mess with a baboo's nickers and come out with out a scratch.

thank you, thank you, thank you, ... please hold your applause till the end."

All joking a side Alec Godden has been articled on his pieces of sculptures and paintings by numerous magazines and newspapers in Canada, as well as many other parts of the world.

Recently Alec was interviewed for his achievements and contributions to the community.

Watch the video Alec J. Godden interviewed by Clark Hoskin very entertaining.

Samples of articles on The News page can be read or copied here.

Articles which also celebrate Dr. Jim Cruise who is also in his late eighty's.

Jim is truly a dear friend of Alec Godden as well as a faithful customer.


 The News Page

AJ. jokes with one of his favorite welding sales reps Ramish Chand, Ramish immigrated to Canada from the British Fiji islands many years ago.

This first photograph of an A.J.Godden original oil painting of a Sailing Ship in Rough Sea's off Cape Horn shows Alec's artistic imagination and mastery with a brush on canvas.  The second picture is an oil painting of a rough turbulent sea crashing to the rocky shore.  


Stainless steel is the medium of choice although deadly to weld and work with and rather expensive material, this welded sculptured snake and bust of an Irish whister will never age and tarnish or depreciate artistically in value.  


Pictured below is a long time business associate of AJ's  Chuck VanLoon and a short video.