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... A. J. Godden ...


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 Alastair (Alec) John Godden is a true Englishman of nobility and worldly charm. A true gentleman, an entertainer, and a talented Artist of phenomenal proportions in welded stainless steel sculptured art, and in oil paintings on canvas. AJ's art and sculptures are truly world renowned with masterpieces on many continents around the world, and in his eighty-first year he is enjoying life and his creations, and is very healthy and happy to please his many clients and art connoisseurs.

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Edward W. O'Brien (Ted)  was born a Canadian from Irish and English descendants, a WWII soldier, a loving husband and father of five children and a piano playing Ontario Hydro electrician. You can watch Teddy playing piano on the video webpage of this website once it has been edited. Ted and June his dance partner and wife could clear a dance floor when a swing or jitterbug tune was being played and in the 1950's the Big Band music was typical for this period. It was like watching Fred and Ginger or Gene and Debbie in action on the floor and the couple always solicited a hardy applause from the crowd on the completion of thier routine. You could see thier love and admiration for each other and they always made the moves look so easy.    

We sadly lost our Dad, Violet's only little boy Teddy in his 83 year on October 17th 2008.



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June H. O'Brien was born a Canadian with Scotish and English roots,  a WWII wac that entertained the Canadian troops during the war and taught dancing after the war had ended. June was trained in all forms of dance including tap and ballet as well as all the popular steps of the times swing, jitterbug, the charlestown and many traditional waltz and tango's arrangements and worked at a prestigious dance studio in Toronto where she met Ted our father who had come for lessons after the war. June also sang in the army with several other talented girls performing all the hits of the times from The Andrew Sister 's and many other notable stars.  June was also a devoted wife and a loving mother to her children, Patricia her baby , her twin sons Mike and Mark, her oldest daughter Teresa and son Nicholas.

We sadly lost our Mom, Ted's adoring wife June in her 63 year on April 29th 1988.


("Those who had some inclination for the stage took part in shows prepared for the troops, such as the Canadian Army Show.")

http://www.junobeach.org/Women Army Corp_Canada(WAC)

 The Andrew Sisters June's idols

http://www.cmgww.com/official website/Andrew Sisters


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This website page is Dedicated to three influencial characters,

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Nicholas Edward OBrien