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 This bronze and copper coat of arms is an original A.J. Godden design commissioned by (the late) Ron J. Thom architect of the college. Fabricated by the Artist himself in the 1970's and then presented to Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough Ontario Canada.

Architect Ron J. Thom

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by  "AJG_NEO"  December 2015

Canadian architect. Ronald James Thom was born on May 15, 1923 at Penticton, BC. He trained as a painter at the Vancouver School of Art, graduating in 1947. The next year, Thom indentured with the firm of Thompson, Berwick, Pratt & Partners (Vancouver, BC), and in 1957 became a registered architect. He then entered into parternship with the firm in 1958. In 1963, as the Toronto partner of Thompson, Berwick, Pratt & Partners, Thom established an office under the name Ron Thom Architect. This partnership lasted until 1969, when Thom founded the firm R.J. Thom Architects. In 1974 the name was changed to The Thom Partnership, and included architects, planners, interior design consultants and graphic designers. Thom was a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (1973), Member of the Ontario Association of Architects, Member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, and Member of the Province of Quebec Association of Architects (1966-1969). He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law (LL.D) by Trent University in 1971, and an honorary Doctorate of Engineering in 1973. Thom passed away in Toronto, ON on October 29 1986.

Awards: Winner of Design Competition for Massey College, University of Toronto; Citations of Excellence in Architecture (4) - International College and University Conference and Exposition, 1970; Toronto Chapter Annual Design Award - 1970; National Design Council Merit awards (2) - 1971; Canadian Housing Design Council Award - 1971; Canadian Architect Yearbook Award of Excellence - 1974.

Significant projects include: Trent University (Peterborough, ON); Massey College, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON); Peterborough and Lindsay Campuses of the Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology; Faculty of Arts & Social Science Complex, Queen's University (Kingston, ON); Shaw Festival Theatre (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON); Prince Hotel (Toronto, ON); Lester B. Pearson College (Vancouver Island, BC); Metropolitan Toronto Zoo (Toronto, ON).



This first picture is on lake Erie near Port Dover and features a shining polished stainless steel trimmed Mansion for a Paris Doctor friend and practioner to the artist Alec Godden. 

 This next photo is the Artist's perception of the Universe .... by AJ Godden,  originally located in Vittoria this piece and many others now have a new home in Port Dover, the owners are patrons of the arts and also long time dear friends of Alec Godden.

Paul and Cindy

Pictured below are photos taken at the shop and on location during the fabrication of two projects 

manufactured for Trotta-Markson Developments Inc. 

Toronto architectural firm. 

  Stainless Circular Stairs; an early morning installation in a Newmarket home

   Alec, Morris, and Loyd are all hard at work setting up; getting ready to weld.

The Stairway to Heaven named by the owners Rick and Don.

Pictured below is the fabrication in the Simcoe shop of the Boswell Street Stairs,

 designed by Morris Trotta of  Trotta Markson & Associates

All 4 flights from the basement to the 3rd floor where built in Simcoe then shipped and installed

at the Boswell St. home in Toronto, the hand railings and steps where inlaid with imported red wood. 


More to Come stay Tuned