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May Day Gifts of 2016



 This chrome polished chandelier lamp is also a functional rack for assorted wine and champagne glasses.

 An unintended addition to the attractiveness of this chandelier are the shadows on the ceiling.

In this picture below we see the designers of this masterpiece (Amanda & Ken) loading the assorted glassware. 



This next project has solid 1/2" pickets, 2"channel iron and 3/8" decorative oval spacers all welded and galvanized for durability.


Commissioned by the owner


Sweet Dynasty and her master are very close to me as well as being a good customer, so I hope this creation satisfies all. 




Steve says  "You Drive Me Crazy"  my friend.

Steve & Sophie the owner's of  Caledonia's Dew Drop in restaurant, and  The Jarvis Village Restaurant.

Steve is a  retired National Steel Car Welding Supervisor and is very critical, as he inspects my welding of his marvelous railing designs.  

"Hello Nicola! Don't put this on the internet. Steve says."





On Friday, November 25, 2016 in her 71st year, the Poulopoulus family and friends said their final goodbyes to,

"Sophia Krassakopoulos Poulopoulus"

Beloved wife of Efstathios (Steve), and loving mother and grandmother, our love and condolences be with you all.

1946 - 2016 of Memories/ Sophia Krassakopoulos Poulopoulos/obituary



 This reproduction of a Coach Lamp early 1900s the original is on location at Simcoe Norfolk Ontario.


This polished stainless steel swivel tray, designed for wireless mouse and key board was

Manufactured and installed by _ for a dentist office in Brantford.  

 One of a matching set of coach lamps for Dr. Jim Cruise's driveway entrance for his residence in Port Dover.

Designed by  _  Manufacturing. 

Recycling automotive tires by shearing off the side walls.  Fabricated for a local recycling business in Brantford.  

Designed & mfd by  _  Renton Ontario Canada

Medieval chairs & table for  Nanticoke Ontario Canada

Designed & Created by  of  Manufacturing.

( Leather by  Upholstering )

Click Here    Heavy Duty Durable Security   To View

 More pictures will be posted shortly

Sculptured Metal Art *** Nicholas Edward O' *** Custom Welding & Design

Nicholas has apprenticed with A.J.Godden the English/Canadian artist/sculptor for over 20+ years and has mastered many of Alec's unique styles and technics in the field of sculptured welded metal art and became very able in most of the popular welding methods. "Unfortunetely because of a lack intelligence, time and abilities, Nicholas has failed monumentally" or so he has been told by the Great Painter A.J.Godden to grasp the fine art of oil painting on canvas which he himself has perfected over 50 years. Alex's post-impressionist and abstract expressionist master pieces are cherished by his many devoted clients and art lovers alike.

To see an interview with Alec Godden click the blue text link below.

Alec Godden interviewed by Clark Hoskins of Norfolk

Faith's picture gallery of AJ's art.
AJ's Daughter picture gallery

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