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The Grave Sites of Our Loved Family Members

1959~Michael James Somers~2017



The Canadian Flag


1914 - 1918



8 million




100th Anniversary.


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1914 - 1918



3 million



Milton Historical Society

Soldier Beard Archie W.

Archie Warren Beard

1882 - 1918

Archie Warren Beard was a young Canadian British loyalist who volunteered for service in 1914 leaving his loving wife and three children in Canada to go and defend their native country of England in the 1st World War. The War was centered in Europe in 1914 after the assassination of the Austria-Hungary Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Bosnian-Serb student named Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo which provoked the hostilities. This triggered the July Crisis resulting in a declaration of war on the 28th of July towards Serbia by the Austria-Hungary Empire forcing Russia to mobilise to defend Serbia. Germany declares war on Russia and mobilises to support the Triple Alliance signed with Austria-Hungary and Italy although Italy never entered the war. France has the Franco alliance with Russia and after the war of 1871 and the loss of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany they did not hesitate to mobilise their troops in defence of Russia. England also has alliances with France and Russia the Entente Cordiale with France and the Anglo-Convention with Russia forming the Triple Entente and at 11pm on Aug 4th 1914  King George V of the United Kingdom including Great Britain and the Colonies declared war on Germany after they invaded the Belgium territory and so it began.

39 million Killed and Wounded

The Great War was responsible for the deaths of more than 10 million and another 29 million wounded or missing in action before the war ended on Armistice Day November 11th 1918 known to us as Rememberance Day.

60,000 Canadian Loyalists

Archie Warren Beard was one of 600,000 Canadian loyal colonials that served in the war but unfortunately he was also one of more than 60,000 Canadians killed in action in the first world war.

Archie would never again see his wife Ruth, son Bill or his daughters Vera and Mable or their children and families but Archie will always be dearly missed and loved by all who remember.

100th NOVEMBER 11 2018 Anniversary

On Nov 11 remember the sacrifice Archie and many others made for us all.

Research the carnage of War.  wikipedia Military Engagements W.W.I   There were more than 140 battles in WWI.

The Somme battle: for Courcelette killed over 1 million soldiers, Archie Beard with the 24th was included in that total.

CBC History The Bloodiest Battle

Canadian Soldiers History/

Western Front Flers Courcelette

WWI Battle

WWI Somme Courcelette

Daily World War One Carnage & Courage in color photographs

Tribute websites to: Archie Warren Beard, 24th Battalion.

Honored at the Vimy memorial. Courcelette

The King of England and World War I

 King George V  Battle of Flers Courcelette  First World War  Causes of World War I


 Park Lawn is the final resting place for a majority of our family members on our Great-grandmother Mrs Jane Tutty's side of the family. A partial list includes Mrs Jane Tutty and husband Fredrick Tutty. Jane's sister Mrs Sarah Johnston and husband William Johnston and their daughter Mrs Jessie Harrison and her daughter Ruth. Jane's oldest daughter Mrs Rose O'Donnell and husband Patrick. Jane's 2nd daughter Mrs Dahlia Watson and husband Oliver and their daughter Mrs Beatrice Fisher. Jane's 3rd daughter Mrs Violet O'Brien and husband Joseph.






We are researching and editing the results of the family graves for Fountain, Barr, Holman, Beard, and Careless of Fergus. The Wheeler's of Kingston, the Shirvington's of England, the O'Leary's, and O'Brien's of Ireland are on the list. When we receive information and photos we will post them to this page. The Grave Sites of The Family Ancestry.






Kitowski Violet nee Anderson

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Fergus and Ottawa next to be edited