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The O'Brien Family has it's roots in Ireland from centuries ago but our direct descendants immigrated to Canada in the mid 1800's from the little we do know at this point in time. Edward O'Brien was married to Anne (Wheeler) and lived in Kingston Ontario and they had one son named Joseph O'Brien. Joseph married a beautiful woman by the name of  Violet May (Lane) the daughter of Samuel Lane of Toronto and Jane S.Tutty of England. Violet and Joseph had one son named Edward (Ted) O'Brien and he married a beautiful young woman from The Connaty Family at the end of the 2nd World War. 

The Connaty Family we know even less about at this time but we do know that Douglas Connaty was a Scotish descendant and married the lovely Vera Louisa Ilett Beard the daughter of Ruth (Careless) and Archie Warren Beard formerly of England. The Connaty Family consisted of two sons and two daughters and one of these daughters became the beautiful young woman June (Connaty-Knaap) who married Edward O'Brien. June and Ted had five children two daughters and three sons named Patty, Terri, Mike, Mark, and  Nickie.   To be continued ....... 

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